Could The Japanese Change your Life for the Better ?

Could The Japanese Change your Life for the Better ?

The eyes of the sporting world will be on Japan over the next seven weeks as the 2019 Rugby World Cup takes place.

The tournament will be an opportunity for the land of the rising sun to showcase its people, culture and hospitality.


And even if you’re not a fan of large men chasing an oval ball the Japanese have something called kaizen which might interest you.

It’s fascinating and can be applied by everyone to pretty much everything.

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning ‘good change’ and is also often interpreted as ‘continual improvement’.


And the way people in Japan apply it is by making tiny changes to improve things.

It’s been very popular in business especially manufacturing but can easily be applied to everyday life.


Here are some quick examples of how adding a little kaizen to your life can reap big rewards.

  1. Think less is more – A kaizen-based approach looks at things you do as much as the things you don’t. For example: Spending ten minutes away from scrolling on your smartphone each day adds up to five extra hours of time each month that could be spent in other much more productive ways

  2. A journey starts with a single step, really it does. If you wanted to get fit following weeks / months / years of inactivity a kaizen way of starting would be something very simple – like walking for five minutes every day. This is rather than trying to do three or four hourly workouts a week which might be unrealistic and ultimately demoralising.

  3. Car manufacturer Toyota applied kaizen to its production line and along the way ironed out hundreds of tiny little issues which had been slowing it down. What tiny changes could you make in areas that are holding you back ?


Autumn is the season of change in the property market, and many people who haven’t sold yet should be thinking about change. Many change their Asking Price

( over 80 Properties alone this week ) but it is more important to change your strategy first.


If you are thinking of reducing your price I would welcome the opportunity of having an informal, no-obligation chat with you first.

I will show you a strategy that will make a big impact when it comes to selling homes successfully for the Best Possible Price, and potentially save you thousands of pounds


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