The End Of Section 21 Notices

The End Of Section 21 Notices

As a Wigan Landlord you probably didn’t welcome the latest announcement by the Government that they intend to abolish Section 21 notices.


Perhaps as a Wigan tenant you may have some concerns too.


The first thing to remember this is only a consultation at this stage and with Parliament tied up with Brexit it is unlikely to become law anytime soon.


However it is backed by both main political parties and therefore it looks a certainty to happen.


In our experience Landlords only use Section 21 notices when they wish to sell their investment so this seems at first sight a sledgehammer to crack a nut.




It will be interesting to see if Section 21 notices increase in frequency in the period between this announcement and when it comes into effect.


Are more Landlords going to take the opportunity of selling their investments before the effective date thus reducing the number of properties available in the public rented sector?


What might it mean to Tenants? 

What effect will this have on rental values? 

It is hard to imagine any other outcome than rents increasing across the board.


As with all proposed legislation the devil will be in the detail but it would be interesting to know the opinions of our Wigan Landlords and Tenants to this announcement.


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