Spring is here…it’s time to tend to the garden

Spring is here…it’s time to tend to the garden

Spring is here…it’s time to tend to the garden

You may not have stepped in to your garden very much over the past few months but now spring has rolled around, it’s time to take that spring clean outside.

Here are 7 tips to help you get your garden get ready for spring and summer…



Check for any damage.

Cold, frosty winters often mean damage to our gardens. Whether it be crumbling walls or dead spots of grass, it’s easy to fix once you’ve acknowledged what problems there are.


Pick up any mess.

It’s amazing how quickly mess accumulates, even if you’re not actually using the area. Take the time to go around your garden picking up any twigs, leaves or rubbish that’s blown in to your garden.


Prep your garden tools.

Your tools have been sitting redundant all winter so they’re going to need some serious TLC to make sure they’re up for the work ahead. Use soap and water to clean them and make sure they’re dry before putting them back to avoid rust.



Get mowing the lawn.


Sometimes just a freshly mown lawn can make all the difference to how good your garden looks.  Plus it’s an easy job to get you back in to the swing of things. So get the lawn mower out of storage and get mowing!


Turn over your soil.

Your soil is another area that will more than likely need some TLC before it’s ready for new bulbs and seeds. Start by turning it over with a pitchfork and then rake it out, being sure to clear any weeds that may have grown along the way.

If you have a compost bin then add some fresh compost so that it has time to mix with your soil before you start planting.


Get a plan in place.

Draw out your garden and add zones such as vegetables, flowers and entertaining.

It will help you organise what you’re doing when it comes to gardening and also you can design it so that you have a nice mix of plants and colours.



Keep up the maintenance.

Once you’ve got it spring ready, it’s time to commit to maintaining it.

Upkeep during the whole season is key. 

Once your flowers start to bloom, deadhead them to promote more flowers and also plant some annuals to supplement your perennial flowers.


The more you prep your outdoor space now, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your beautiful outdoor space later.


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