Are you ready to embrace Millennial Pink in your home?

Are you ready to embrace Millennial Pink in your home?

Pink comes in a lot of shades, from full on fuchsia to a subtle blush. But Millennial Pink is currently the “in colour”.

Chances are, even if you’re unfamiliar with the name, you’ll certainly be familiar with the shade.


There’s even more of a chance that you’re actually surrounded by it right now, you just may not have noticed it yet.


But if you want the technical information of this in vogue hue then it’s a pink with the blue tones taken out.


In non technical terms it’s like a glass of Rose Blush or the top tier of the Grand Budapest Hotel.


You’re getting the idea now right?


Millennial Pink, whilst it’s been around for years has had a revival thanks to Pantone naming rose quartz as their colour of 2015. This brought pink back to its rightful spot in the colour coolness charts. And that’s where Millennial Pink actually comes from, it’s not just one shade, it embraces a range of shades in Pantone terms, from Rose Quartz and Pale Dogwood to Candy Pink. Millennial OH and just to confuse matters it’s not always pink, it can also fall on a spectrum between beige and peach.


This is a statement shade, just open up Instagram right now and search for #millennialpink to see a host of results.


But let’s talk about how you can inject some millennial pink in to your home and be on trend for 2017 (and beyond)…


Go for a statement piece.


You don’t have to cover your whole home in the colour to embrace the trend. Instead, go for a statement piece like a millennial pink sofa.



Not ready for the sofa?


If you’re not ready to make the full pink leap with the sofa then go for some accent cushions instead. Millennial Pink cushions will give the right amount of colour and leave your current sofa feeling fresh.


Or go REALLY crazy.


If you’re feeling particularly brave you could follow in the footsteps of Kourtney Kardashian and go for a neon sign to make a focal point in your living room or bedroom. You could even hang it in your kitchen - there’s no room not ready for a neon sign.




Make it temporary.


If you think you may be put off by the Millennial Pink trend after a week or two then just make your addition temporary by adding some pink flowers. Peonies or pink roses make a great accent, particularly in an otherwise neutral space.


Whether or not you’re ready to embrace millennial pink, it’s a colour that’s here to stay. Pink is, dare we say it, the new white as it goes with every colour, so regardless of what colour scheme you’re currently enjoying, there’s always a way you can add a bit of pink in.


Thanks for reading.

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