8 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

8 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

8 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Spring


The sun is starting to shine and the days are getting longer. So it’s time to break out of your winter rut and get a new look ready for the spring and summer.


Invest in some new cushions…


Certain fabrics such as tweed and velvet are amazing all year around but they can be very heavy, especially in the summer months. So switch up your cushions by bringing in some bright and breezy fabrics to lighten things up a bit.


New bedding…


You may not be envisaging spending much time in bed since the sun will be shining but treat yourself to some new light bedding.

Go for a nice crisp white or if you want to add a pop of colour then get something colourful.


Use greenery…


It’s time to dust the vases off and add some big statement leaves throughout your house. Make sure that you regularly refresh the water and trim the stems so that they last throughout the spring.






Add some colour…


Spring time = colour

So add some colourful accessories as an easy update for springtime.

Vases, books, interesting objects…anything with a pop of colour will definitely bring spring in to your home.




Spring and clean go together. Warm sunny weather can make you feel happier and healthier so it’s the perfect time to get the scrubbing brush out and also touch up any walls that have become dingy over the winter.


Bring in new smells…


Get yourself a diffuser or invest in some new candles to make sure the smell of spring spreads throughout your home.

Go for a citrus type blend for true spring time smells.


Go Light…


You’re going to be lightening up your wardrobe so why not do the same for your home? Invest in some lighter curtains to let the light flow through.


Embrace florals…


Even if you prefer a very minimalist look, embracing florals in the springtime can have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

A floral bedspread or some floral curtains can make you feel fresh and spring like.


When it comes to making over your home for spring then it’s important to keep it simple. You don’t want to go too overboard with the leaves and the floral print. But bringing the freshness of outdoors inside can help you get in to the spring time spirit.


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