5 Home Decor Ideas to Steal From High End Hotels

5 Home Decor Ideas to Steal From High End Hotels

5 Home Decor Ideas to Steal From High End Hotels

How often have you woken up in a luxury or boutique hotel and fantasied about how you could get your very own bedroom to look the same?


Well, you’re not alone. Hotel rooms can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to deciding on the perfect decor for your own home.


From headboards to wall treatments, we’ve put together five decor ideas that will help you inject escapism in to your own abode and help you live in luxury.


Embrace a room inside a room.

Think about the dynamics of any good hotel lobby, actually any good hotel room. You usually have a space for different activities. Whether it be working on your computer or curling up with a book, look at ways you can create different spaces within your room. 

When it comes to arranging the furniture, always keep in mind one simple rule - for space that’s meant to encourage togetherness and conversation, keep the furniture facing inwards.


Combine different textures.

You may love a minimalist vibe but that doesn’t mean that you have to be boring. Add depth to any room by experimenting with different textures. Combine fluffy rugs with sleek, smooth wood for an unforgettable room.


Block colours.

Colour blocking combines two colours together on a single wall. It helps if you’re particularly fond of dark colours but don’t want the intensity of covering your entire wall with them. By adding a lighter colour in to the mix you can help it feel more relaxed and as an added bonus you get the darker colour that you like.


Add artwork

Any good hotel room will have decent artwork hanging within it, so embrace your inner art critic and invest in some good quality art work. A single oversized image will make a bigger impact than several small images, especially if your room is white. Think about using a landscape too, especially in dark rooms as it will look as though you have a window with a really nice view.


Use fabric to cover the walls.

You don’t have to just stick to paint or wallpaper when it comes to putting some colour on your walls. You can also opt for fabric. Fabric covered walls with instantly make your room feel warmer and cosier in a way that paint or wallpaper just doesn’t.


Go black for doors and trim.

White is of course the go to colour when painting doors and trim but black will make a statement and is an extremely sophisticated alternative. High gloss black will instantly add that glamorous edge and you can go a step further by adding black lampshades too. It’s a really quick and inexpensive way to transform any room.


A beautifully designed hotel also happens to provide an abundance of clever design ideas so why not incorporate that in to your own space.

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